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Confused & Frustrated But Desperately Want To Be A Shoulder Physio SuperStar?

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I got so frustrated, I left Australia to start my shoulder physiotherapy training.
You won’t have to leave your lounge room to start yours.

Unless you’re a physio freak…

I’ll bet your shoulder physiotherapy knowledge and clinical confidence sucked, big time when you first graduated?

Me, I fumbled my way through for years.

In my opinion, my early shoulder physiotherapy education did not adequately prepare me for the complexities of helping a person with shoulder pain.

My first few experiences in the clinic left me questioning what the hell I was doing.

My frustration, anxiety and inner physio nerd forced me to go out and discover what I hoped, good shoulder physio should look, feel and sound like.

I ended up in Manchester England, hanging out with two of my first ever shoulder physio mentors…

The Shoulderdoc himself, Dr Lennard Funk and legendary shoulder physiotherapist, Kat Tatlow.

They were both inspirational to say the least…

That was eight years ago and I’m still benefiting from that experience.

Are you looking to take your shoulder physiotherapy expertise to the next level?
Do you want to be part of an exclusive community of like minded people?

Unfortunately, I do see a disturbing trend developing in physiotherapy of blindly following what is being said or advocated by social media celebrity talking heads.

Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming a platform for the dissemination of critical thinking, evidence and anecdote, and long may it continue, But…

In my opinion, ‘celebrity comments’ often get in the way of your own ‘clinical reasoning’ and I’ve heard evidence of this from my shoulder physio course students.

Some students have admitted being confused about ‘mixed messages’ regarding how they should be approaching a person with shoulder pain.

Perfect Shoulder Physio Consult

You might be a little confused yourself?

Is it hands on or hands off?… Should I touch the scapula or not?

Mixed messages and more information often leads to more confusion…

If you’re like me, you’ve had enough of more information, you’re seeking a professional and personal ‘transformation’.

It is my hope that could be that transformational place for you.

Let’s Get You Started Today

Check out these shoulder physiotherapy resources:

  1. Graduate Shoulder Physio Mind Map
  2. Shoulder Physio Academy

If you’d like to transform your shoulder physio skills and confidence then reach out to me.

Call or email me me anytime…

All the best.

Luke Van Every

aka The Shoulder Guy

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